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Not your typical ranch

We're a family owned business dedicated to healthy feeding options for your pets

About Us

Naked Bull was started in 2017 by Geza Szucs and myself Kristine Lange, owners of Kala ranch, following imports from China of toxic chicken jerky for dogs a number of years ago. This same jerky we were giving to our beloved girl, Bailey.
I started a deep dive into the pet food and treat industry only to become horrified by what was in our pet's food and treats. I discovered Canada has no legislation to protect our pets. So, we decided to take one of our culled cattle to the butcher and have all of the beef sliced and dehydrated. This would become Bailey's new treats.
We had no idea the lid would blow off the freezer after others discovered the delicious and healthy option we had provided for our girl. So, we started selling our one product at the summer Farmer's Markets where the demand for more healthy choices for pets escalated rapidly! The rest is history.
So who is Kala Ranch? We started our own ranch after BSE (Mad Cow Disease) hit Canada. We wanted to have control over what our beef was fed and to know the cattle were raised with dignity and respect. We now run a Registered purebread Black Angus herd without the use of steroids/hormones or daily antibiotics.

and there's more...

We are a family owned business dedicated to healthy feeding options for your pet. We don't believe in the use of additives, preservatives, fillers or added flavours in pet food or treats. We do believe pets should be fed their indigenous diet which helps them have a long and healthy life. First, we started making treats for our own pets, and through word of mouth, public demand for our products rapidly grew. Our product line continues to grow as we grow. We take a common sense and evidence based approach to raw feeding and we're always available to answer your questions.
Located near Nojack, AB we also own and operate Kala Ranch, raising purebred Black Angus beef. Our pet food products come from our ranch and other local farms and ranches. We don't use any steroids, hormones or daily antibiotics on our cattle. Our belief is that cattle should be grass-fed, have plenty of sunshine and fresh water, and be able to socialize normally. It's our privilege and honour to be their caretakers and we treat all animals with dignity and respect.
We are also caretakers of the land and honour the wildlife we share the land with. Our sustainable practices will take our ranch into the future for generations to come.

Food for your favorite Carnivores!


  • Meat only
  • Meat/organ/bone mix. All foods have percentages listed, for example 80/10/10
  • Meat/organ/bone/veggie
  • We also carry beef organs and chicken giblets on a regular basis. Other organ meat as available

We also carry


  • Raw Bones & Smoked Bones
  • Pig's Feet
  • Pig's Ears
  • Pig's Ear Slices for the small pet
  • Chicken Feet
  • Bison Pizzles/Bully Stix
  • Fish
  • Himalayan Cheese Chews
  • Whey
  • Our Original Jerky in a variety of meats
  • More products coming all the time!

Meet Bailey

Head of Security, Cattle Management and Product Testing!

Click if you want to pet her!

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