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Good for the roughly 20-35 pound dog, medium sized marrow bones will help keep the gums healthy, the teeth clean, relieve the need for chewing and help relieve boredom, stress and anxiety.  Our fresh frozen raw bones are all sourced either from our ranch or local farms and ranches.  Dogs need raw bones!  This is where they get their minerals from to build their own healthy bones and teeth.  Marrow bones are also filled with nutrients, including collagen, iron, and B vitamins. Collagen is great for dogs for many reasons, including improved skin and coat and better joint health.  Meanwhile, iron and vitamin B keeps them energized and healthy.  Regular bones also help build up their stomach enzymes which makes for easier digestion of all foods.  Once he’s hollowed out the bone, fill it with your favourite treat like peanut butter (xylitol free) and refreeze for next time.

5 lb each bag