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Raw green tripe is commonly overlooked as an important component of the raw diet and works like a superfood.  Tripe is the stomach of a grazing animal, in this case beef and bison. It contains the natural digestive enzymes that helps break down nutrients in your pet's system and contains lots of healthy probiotics.  It's also the perfect 1:1 ratio for calcium and phosphorus which is especially important for growing puppies, kittens and kits for proper teeth and bone growth and development.  Tripe can be fed as a meal in itself and counts as protein, but because it's very rich, start with just small amounts and see how your pet responds.  When using tripe, adjust your pet's protein intake accordingly.  It also works very well as an additive for picky eaters.  You can give tripe a few times a week.

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Good for dogs, cats, ferrets.  

Ingredients: 100% beef & bison ground tripe

Comes in a 40 LB Case


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