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Handmade from raw farm fresh cow's milk and cream, whey is a powerhouse in nutrients!  A liquid byproduct of making cheese, whey is packed full of 

  • powerful probiotics for gut health and helps with GI issues and sensitivities.  Whey has resolved vomiting issues (vets were unable to provide a diagnosis) in our customers' cats and dogs.
  • vitamin D for strong bones and teeth
  • helps with skin conditions (try also dabbing whey directly onto the skin) and a healthy coat
  • contains 20 amino acids including methionine, lysine and natural taurine, essential for boosting the immune system
  • builds and repairs muscles and helps prevent muscle degeneration.  It speeds recovery from exercise, injury or surgery and helps cartilage repair and maintenance.
  • helps prevent disease and cancer by keeping its cysteine bond which helps the body produce glutathione
  • regulates blood sugar and helps with weight management
  • great for cardiovascular health
  • low in lactose so a healthy choice for cats
  • whey protein is a complete protein with fewer potential allergies than casein protein
  • because it is a complete protein, it can be included as one of an essential variety of proteins which you offer your pet.

** Helpful Hint: Thaw whey in the fridge.  A bottle of whey will last roughly 7-10 days in the fridge following thawing.  If you don't think you'll use it up in that time, try pouring newly thawed whey into ice cube trays, refreezing, then popping the whey ice cubes into a container and back in the freezer.  Very minimal nutrient loss will happen through refreezing.  Then you can pull out the cubes as you need them.  Typically, an ice cube is 30 mls which equals 1 ounce.

A small dog or cat may take an ounce and larger dogs a few ounces or more at a time.  Give daily to help resolve issues, then give 2-3 times/week for maintenance.  Watch your pet's response and adjust the amount as needed.